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Art Theory, Issue 015, The Provocation Column

Top 8 Curators Involved in Contemporary Latinx Art to Follow on Instagram

Latin-American artists around the globe have recently been the favorites of curators and museums due to many reasons. One of them may be our current political climate and how democracy in the US and in the world is beginning to crumble. This may act as motivation for Latin American artists to put their grief or their extreme progressive/radical views on display through their art pieces.


The new and radical Latinx art is officially trendy and audiences are obsessed. There have been times before when Latin-American art had skyrocketed due to social politics. For example, interdisciplinary intellectual and renowned performance artist Guillermo Gomez Peña rose to fame after 9/11 happened and people of color were boxed as terrorists all around the globe. His performances became a sensation and intellectuals became trendy. Perhaps this is what artists of all backgrounds feel like right now; a duty to society in order for audiences to wake up and start making a positive change for this world.Read more

Art Theory, The Provocation Column

Contemporary Art: What It Is and Some Little-Known Influences

Contemporary Art seems to encompass all types of art in today’s world. But in its simplest form, it refers to all types of art created “today”; but what does “today” mean in art terms? It is generally accepted that contemporary art period began at the end of the modern art period, around the mid- to late-1960’s. One defining factor of contemporary art is the focus on ideas or interests, rather than the beauty or appeal of the artwork. Additionally, under the umbrella of contemporary art, one can name several movements, including:
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