Modelo Collection


On the occasion of the 9th edition of the Creative X awards, a contemporary art collection has been set up to celebrate from “Art” the will to create. The collection incorporates multidisciplinary artworks by Mexican artists, including ready-mades, installations, sculpture, video & photography. Through the exhibition, the viewer is invited to delve into a visual language that continues to command culture and relate with tangible objects that speak for “creation”.

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Modelo Art
Explore the Nakasone Collection

Casa Nakasone


Sybaris Collection curates “Casa Nakasone”, the new architectural piece by Escobedo- Soliz, with pieces by Gabriela Salazar, Gustavo Artigas and Manuela García. The exhibition will be presented to the public as a reproduction of the original installation at Dr. Gálvez No.7 on December 7th 2019.

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