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Book of the Week: Not Nothing: Selected Writings by Ray Johnson 1954-1994

Ray Johnson (1927–1995) blurred the boundaries of life and art, of authorship and intimacy. Correspondence is the defining character of all of Johnson’s work, particularly his mail art. Intended to be read, to be received, to be corresponded with, his letters (usually both image and textual in character) were folded and delivered to an individual reader, to be opened and read, again and again. Read more

Investing in Art, The Provocation Column

Trends and Developments in the Art Finance Industry

Art and finance are tied together closer now than ever before. An increasing number of collectors understand the value of art as more than an attractive asset; the investment value of art collection has become an activity worth investigating further as confidence in the art market grows rapidly, along with sales.

Of the aspects of art and finance which are growing consistently, these are some of the most widespread trends which are likely to develop and expand in the future:

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The Provocation Column

Sculpture in Bilbao—Art Within an Industrial City

When visiting Bilbao, art is likely to be at the top of your list of things to see. This once-industrial powerhouse is now a hotbed for art. The famous Guggenheim Museum, now in its 21st year, still maintains its leadership position in the minds of tourists and art lovers alike. A rugged and impressive building on its own, it houses some of the most iconic sculptures found in Bilbao. Another side of Bilbao, however, is the variety of outdoor sculptures found throughout this art-centric city. Here are some of the most iconic monumental sculptures in Bilbao:
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Art Advisory, The Provocation Column

How Size in Art Matters

When visiting museums and galleries, one can enjoy artwork of any size. Spaces are designed for the works, and if sculptures are monumental or large-scale, they may be simply installed outside, allowing visitors to view the pieces from every possible angle. But do large works of art provide more enjoyment, a more in-depth experience, than smaller works? In other works, does size truly matter in art?

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