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Top 8 Curators Involved in Contemporary Latinx Art to Follow on Instagram

Latin-American artists around the globe have recently been the favorites of curators and museums due to many reasons. One of them may be our current political climate and how democracy in the US and in the world is beginning to crumble. This may act as motivation for Latin American artists to put their grief or their extreme progressive/radical views on display through their art pieces.


The new and radical Latinx art is officially trendy and audiences are obsessed. There have been times before when Latin-American art had skyrocketed due to social politics. For example, interdisciplinary intellectual and renowned performance artist Guillermo Gomez Peña rose to fame after 9/11 happened and people of color were boxed as terrorists all around the globe. His performances became a sensation and intellectuals became trendy. Perhaps this is what artists of all backgrounds feel like right now; a duty to society in order for audiences to wake up and start making a positive change for this world.Read more


Three Art Fairs to Attend in February

Art Palm Springs

Art Palm Springs is the premier art fair in the Southwest presenting post-war and contemporary art. This years edition will bring nearly 80 galleries from Asia, Europe, North and South America representing hundreds of artists to the Palm Springs Convention Center. The Fair is strategically scheduled over the extended President’s Day Weekend coinciding with Palm Springs Modernism Week at the height of the Coachella Valley’s season. Art Palm Springs and Modernism Week turn the Desert into a cultural mecca over this weekend, attracting close to 15,000 acquisition oriented art lovers to the Fair year after year.
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Who is Peggy Guggenheim?

How pleasing it would be to discover someone who artists say “breathe and lived art.”  Marguerite Guggenheim (AKA Peggy Guggenheim) was born on August 26, 1898, to a wealthy New York City Guggenheim family. She was the daughter of Benjamin Guggenheim who reportedly went down with the Titanic and niece to the founder of Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Solomon R Guggenheim. Peggy is recognized as an American art collector, socialite and bohemian. In other words, she was a lover of art who lived on her standards and not on what is conventionally accepted in the society. Peggy had also referred to herself as an “art addict” which makes it all the more clear why she is recognized in the art world.

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What You Should Know About Watercolors

Watercolors are not only beautiful, but also intimidating, considering the flowing colors, the unpredictable pigment, as well as the spectrum of saturation. Among the top accessible and simplest forms of art is watercolor painting – paints, water, brush, and paper, are all that is required for you to get started.Read more

Featured Artist

#Selfexpression: New Works by Paola Ismene

Paola Ismene from Mexico was named the winner of the Huawei and the Saatchi Gallery’s #SelfExpression competition for her entry Daydream in Blue, which was selected from over 9,000 entries by judges Chris LevineRachel MacleanRuss O’ConnellSimon Roberts and Gillian Wearing, who were joined by former Saatchi Gallery CEO Nigel Hurst.

The #SelfExpression Competition invited artists, photographers, creative individuals and anyone with a smartphone to turn their gaze away from the self to document the world and those around them. The open-entry competition gave everyone over 16 the opportunity to share their most expressive images, and what they find beautiful, interesting or noteworthy, with an international audience.

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