Creative X awards


On the occasion of the 9th edition of the Creative X awards, a contemporary art collection has been set up to celebrate from “Art” the will to create. The collection incorporates multidisciplinary artworks by Mexican artists, including ready-mades, installations, sculpture, video & photography. Through the exhibition, the viewer is invited to delve into a visual language that continues to command culture and relate with tangible objects that speak for “creation”.

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Circular instructions for artistic practice


In the midst of a period of lockdown in which social and physical distances have been the rule, art is able to overstep the new rules of everydaylife through imagination. In this context, Circular seeks to shift the aesthetic experience from conventional art exhibition venues to the intimate space, without compromisin the safety of those participants who join to this dynamic.

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Confinement performance series


They are a series of live performance projected on Friday´s at 11:30 am, through the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the Sybaris Collection, where we will explored  from art what are the implications of isolation regarding the t state of precaution where we were asked to take on the face of the Covid Panemic.

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Confinement Performance Series
Natural Interventions

Natural interventions


In Joshua Jobbs’s work, play has an important role as part of his creative process. Most of his pieces are the result of walking and exploring the public spaces and the sourroundings of different contexts. That is why his work is closely related with the theories and thoughts of writers such as Julio Cortázar, Aldos Huxley or Jorge Luis Borges.

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Talk ain’t cheap


Following John L. Austin essay How to do things with words, Talk Ain’t Cheap explores the relationship between words, images and action. If words could count as actions, how would this be interpreted by the aesthetics? With works by Gabriela Salazar, Fernanda Barreto, Joshua Jobb, Paola Ismene, and Manuela García, the exhibition proposes a reflection about the capacity of the artworks to perform actions by mean of their materiality.

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Talk Ain't Cheap
the jewel of art

The jewel of art


Designing unique pieces which showcase the human existence, Santiago Pani’s jewelry sparks intrigue just like his exquisite works of art. These artistic pieces, created exclusively for The Sybaris Collection, provide an opportunity for art lovers to showcase their taste everywhere, enhancing the artistic experience of all who see them. From earrings to cufflinks, Pani’s pieces are an imaginative addition to your collection.

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