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How and What We See? Art in the Instagram Age

By Andrea Cuevas

If we have always seen through the frames, why are we so afraid of the art seen through social media? As part of a public, but also as a researcher, I’m the kind of person who has mixed feelings on regard the “instagrammable art”: sharing and give some kind of light to exhibitions or artistic projects on Instagram is something I really enjoy.

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Can a scientific image be a work of art?

By Sybaris Collection

The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) has incorporated into its collection the first photograph of a black hole, which is 55 million light years from our planet. The image is the result of about two years of research in which a series of telescopes located in different parts of the world were aligned to become a kind of Earth-sized telescope. With this event, MoMA opens new routes on one of the most interesting questions of recent times, which cannot be answered from a single perspective: what is art?

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Video Art: What it is and What Constitutes a “Prestigious” Video Piece?

What defines nostalgia depends solely on each individual’s memories of, perhaps, childhood or maybe those that will never repeat themselves ever again. Tattooed moments in life that were captured by the camera in the form of photography or video, somehow make humans believe that one exact moment in time can become immortal. Video footage intends to freeze the movement, voice, energy, and smile of a person or thing, to the point that viewers can almost smell and touch that person on the screen. How helpful to progress is video footage for humans? Or how can it be harmful? But specially, what does it mean to make art of out video? What constitutes its urgency to create through video art?

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Art Techniques

Art Technique-Collage Art

Although the term Collage Art may call to mind scissors and paste from preschool years, this technique was introduced by two established master artists, Braque and Picasso. Dubbed “Painting with Scissors” by Henri Matisse, the artists who chose to dabble in this technique are truly responsible for its development as a fine art skill. Combining any number of other methods of artistic creation, collage art allows artists to use current media alongside painting, textiles, drawing, and even some sculpture, to present unique works of art which burst out of the frame. Now blossoming into many different media, let’s journey through the short, but impressive progress of collage art.
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Art Techniques

Art Technique-Digital Art

Many people think of digital art as a recent phenomenon, perhaps conceived around the time that Instagram arrived, allowing people to share images wildly. However, the term digital art encompasses so many things which have been created for over 50 years. Beginning crudely in its early years as a marriage of math and art, it has truly exploded recently, not only improving in quality but also expanding in scope and style. Let’s investigate the relatively short existence but rapidly expanding technique of digital art.

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