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Can a scientific image be a work of art?

By Sybaris Collection

The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) has incorporated into its collection the first photograph of a black hole, which is 55 million light years from our planet. The image is the result of about two years of research in which a series of telescopes located in different parts of the world were aligned to become a kind of Earth-sized telescope. With this event, MoMA opens new routes on one of the most interesting questions of recent times, which cannot be answered from a single perspective: what is art?

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From Joy to Peggy

I was recently at a night auction, when, in it, I discovered Joy Laville’s work. The British born painter, who was married to Mexican writer Jorge Ibargüengoitia, was until then only a name to me. Her paintings intrigued me instantly due to their beauty and elegance.Two days after, I was offered to see some pieces by Laville and I was already excited.

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Why Art Inspired by Trump Belongs in the Streets

From teenage climate change activist Great Thunberg to the youngest US Representative of New York’s 14th District Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, younger generations have proven to have done more actions to ameliorate the future of our world than politicians who invest trillions of euros subsidizing fossil fuel companies while having in their minds “our best interests.” What a bizarre world Earth has become. The planet that is being handed down to kids is one that will die effectively around fifteen years due to irreversible climatic changes.

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George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker: How Racism Worked on the old forms of Ballet

In 2017, New York City Ballet officially modified the choreography, costumes, and makeup of the Chinese Tea dance featured in the ballet The Nutcracker. In October 2018, The Balanchine Trust, which owns the rights to every single ballet by George Balanchine, informed all other ballet companies in the world of the officially approved changes. What drove the Balanchine Trust to make such drastic changes for the most beloved ballet of all time? Which complaints were heard enough that they were forced to change something so dear to so many?

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