Established by Regina De Con Cossío in 2015, Sybaris Collection is an Art by Design Firm which explores contemporary art pieces with investment potential and their ability to define and shape their environments, connecting people with the space. Sybaris Collection strives to deliver high quality original pieces and customer art projects to art lovers, interior designers, and collectors who seek a fresh, artistic approach.

Regina De Con Cossío, Chief Curator and Founder

Chief Curator and Art Dealer, Regina De Con Cossío, guides Sybaris Collection.  Curating multiple events around the world, De Con Cossío understands how a space invokes feelings in the occupants, influences the atmosphere and connects the purpose to the design. She received her philosophy degree from the Iberoamericana University in 2013 and a masters from the Freie Univerität Berlin in 2015.

Our Mission

To find the perfect piece to release your taste.

Art collectors, like artists, come in a plethora of style and budgets. We have an eye for artwork for all prices and projects. We analyze the returned value in the real world of art pricing information. How the value of your art piece of art will increase during the years.

Our Vision

To curate each space and environment by selecting the perfect pieces for your art collection and investment.

Our Offer

A new concept for art lovers and investors seeking to enhance their collection with unique expressive pieces which can define a space and create an inspired environment.

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