FAIN Independent Art Fair is taking place from November 27 to 29. In its second edition, will offer special tours to 11 artists studios in Mexico City, where you can see the work of about 32 artists from Mexico, Latinamerica and USA.

Chek out in our blog the work of the participating artists.

Fernanda Acosta (Mexico City, 1994)

Her artistic production addresses archetypic narratives about the feminine in pop culture, which for Acosta are key elements in defining the identity and affective education. She is always rethinking the hegemonic discourses by reproducing them from the feminine voice. In order to create those altern narratives, she juxtaposes cultural references through photography, gifs, and the customization of the everyday objects.

Carlos A. Mora (Mexico City, 1983)

Her work is interested in social, political and environmental issues immerse in capitalist scenarios. Mora works mainly with painting and installation. Through a geometrical aesthetic—thought as a common language for him—, color and space, he makes assemblages with everyday objects—mirrors, balls, plastic bags, matchboxes— to provoke tensions between the materials and the capitalist experiences.

Santiago Mora  (México City, 1995)

Santiago Mora defines his work as a curatorial practice of the everyday life. His bidimensional work captures ephemeral moments, exploring the possibilities of the pictorial technique trough digital images. Mora reflects on the new ways of seeing contemporaneity, focusing on issues such as communication, identity, consumerism, and sexuality.

Fernando Polidura (Mexico City, 1989)

His work is a constantly searching for perfection trough the minimum number of available resources. The main objective is to show elements in a logical sense between balance and proportion to the point to create an illusion of order and absolute absence. Being on the autism spectrum and gifted with obsessive compulsive disorder, led Polidura to turn everything he sees into its minimum and purest expression.

Guadalupe Quesada (Mexico City, 1988)

The complexity of the universe is the starting point for her to reflect about the relativity of our perceptions. This is what prompt her to imagine alternative realities. Her main influences are the Ernst Haeckel lithography, science fiction, and Buddhists knowledge. Her intention is to fade our preconceived categories. The creatures or objects she sculpts shows life as a continuous moment in which we are just a possibility.

Vicente Quesada (Mexico City, 1984)

Vicente Quesada uses photographs, artificial intelligence, and everyday objects as a means to reflect on the mind, the feelings, and that what it means to be a human being in the digital era.

Andrea Romero (Mexico City, 1988)

Through her work she tries to recreate scenes and experiences by using forms related to landscaping elements. Romero is interested in the reflection around the perception and the space as main referents in the construction of identities. She works mainly in painting, graphic and photography.


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