FAIN Independent Art Fair is taking place from November 27 to 29. In its second edition, will offer special tours to 11 artists studios in Mexico City, where you can see the work of about 32 artists from Mexico, Latinamerica and USA.

Chek out in our blog the work of the participating artists.

Arjan Guerrero (México City, 1988)

Her main projects articulate the meta-project Media Forensis, which investigates the media agency—be it images, reproduction tools or roles of mediation— through material researches and speculative narratives developed with technologies of high cultural traction. Any type of object can result from them, from books to augmented reality or databases for training artificial neural networks.

Álvaro Ferreira Navone  (Madrid, 1990)

Ferreira Navoe’s practice is focused on researching the language saturation in social networks. He thinks the value and respect for language is losing importance because of the speed and the immediacy with which we consume and “spit out” messages and words. He always is working with broken texts, with bad readability and in the form of aphorisms or with different linguistic constructions that are capable to provoke multiple meanings or experiences.

Martín Levêque (France, 1987)

The inspiring chaos and mystical energy in Mexico created a genuine need for me to share my point of view. Working mainly with in-situ installations, Levêque explores the properties of materials, the kinetic, the interaction between the light and the environment. He is also interested and curious about perspective and volume and how both of them allow to better understand what surround us.

Karla Leyva (Monterrey, 979)

Her work delves into the idea of the post-organic human being, a concept that refers to the hybridization between the organic and inorganic in the human body through the technology and science. Leyva reflects about the images constructed by the media and how those images have an impact on the bodies that stopped being docile and disciplined to be flexible and anxious.

Nicolás Oyuela (Buenos Aires, 1983)

In his work he reimagines stories and the life of mythical characters while his painting landscapes full of a romantic mood.  Oyuela likes those irrevocable ghosts that will surely not be reborn but will continue treasured and longed in the collective unconscious.


Vera Primavera  (Ecuador, 1987)

Vera Primavera paints women in the streets as a subversive response to the common narratives that the historical representations of women have made. “I am a woman that paints herself and her reflection in other women in order to make an autobiographical story”. The main objective of Primavera’s work is to vindicate the graphic representations of the feminine and women in public space, commonly formed and deformed by the hegemonic systems of cultural representation.

Jimena Schlaepfer (Mexico City, 1982)

Jimena Schalepfer works mainly with drawing, sculpture, ceramics and weaving, which uses to explore nature as a source of different visual and metaphorical possibilities. Her work always results from very long, slow and handmade process. She likes the idea of a craftsman who specializes in a specific technique to create his work.


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