This week the second edition of the FAIN Independent Art Fair opens!

This Saturday and Sunday, November 28 and 29, the second edition of the FAIN Independent Art Fair will take place! FAIN offers a tour of 11 artists’ studios in Mexico City, with all the necessary security measures due to the current pandemic.

Organized by the art gallery CASA EQUIS and the creative agency GRUPO ACHE, FAIN is a proposal that works for two types of art viewers. On the one hand, those small collectors who are starting their collection and want to meet interesting artists with a promising projection. On the other, curious viewers who want to know the most current art production in Mexico. This second edition offers a tour of the Centro, Condesa, Juárez, Nápoles, Roma, San Miguel Chapultepec y San Rafael colonies. The works that will be shown range between 5,000 Mexican pesos and 60,00 pesos.

The jury for this second edition—made up of Paola Jasso, Alex Romero and Bernardo Sanger—selected 29 local artists with suggestive and experimental proposals. Among the list of artists of FAIN 2020 stand out Andrea Romero, Vera Primavera, Martín Levêque, Álvaro Ferreira Navone, Jorge Rosano Gamboa, Othiana Roffiel, Margot Kalach and Fernando Polidura. Each of the venues has a host artist and other guest artists.

Among the measures to face the current crisis caused by Covide-19, the following can be mentioned: 1) Maximum capacity of between 10 and 20 people, 2) Necessary filters that allow the temperature to be recorded. 3) Use of face masks and mandatory hand washing. 4) Avoid physical contact. 5) Keep distance of 1.5 meters. 6) Visiting time less than 20 minutes. 7) Consumption of beverages in restricted areas.

FAIN is an initiative that aims to promote contemporary art in Mexico City and reactivate the exhibition of art. In this second edition it presents a careful selection to surprise the public and offer interesting proposals to collectors. If you want to know more about this fair and plan your route, visit its official website

Meet the participating artists:

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