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5 Books to Understand The Importance of Materiality in Art

Materials in contemporary art have been underestimated based on idea and concept. However, throughout the history of art, artists have appropriated and taken advantage of the physical and symbolic qualities of matter to give shape and meaning to their works. Here we present 5 books to get closer and better understand the importance of materials in art.Read more

The Provocation Column

The Materiality of Art

Materiality refers to the property of being, related or consisting of a material. It involves the use of ‘materials’ in making, forming or creating a thing. This definition may not have a general acceptance since the term ‘materiality’ has separate definitions in diverse professions and fields. Nonetheless, materiality may also refer to the matter rather than the form. In art, however, the definition of materiality expands – to a reasonable extent- from the generally accepted definition.

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Cabello / Carceller And The First Trans Portrait

Since 1992, art collective Cabello / Carceller has been working trough different media -installation, performance, videoart, writing and drawing- with the main objective of questioning and challenging the hegemonic means of representations in visual culture. In its most recent project, they approach to gender roles through an historical painting.

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4 Women from Sculpture and Video for The Turner Prize 2022

Tate Liverpool today announced the shortlist for Turner Prize 2022: Heather Phillipson, Ingrid Pollard, Veronica Ryan and Sin Wai Kin. An exhibition of their work will be held at Tate Liverpool from 20 October 2022 to 19 March 2023. The winner will be announced in December at an award ceremony in Liverpool.

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Art Advisory

What is the Role of the Curator in Contemporary Art World?

Curators are one of the most important figures in the contemporary art world. In the last twenty years they have become kind-of a rockstars and their labor has been subjet both to analysis and critics thanks to their increasingly power in defining the course of art. However, despite all the glamour behind the public relations, what are the key funcionts of a serious curator?

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