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50 Years: Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?

It was 1971 when art historian Linda Nochlin (Brooklyn, 1931 – Manhattan, 2017) shooke the art world with a shocking question: Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? 2021 marks the 50 anniversary of this essay which was—and still is— a watershed for Art History and Feminism studies. But is that really the question we should be asking?  Is it a relevant question even for today?

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Wassily Kandinsky: What Does Colour Sound?

Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings.
Wassily Kandisky

What if you could hear color? What if you could hear a painting? A new project by Google Arts & Culture in collaboration with Centre Pompidou in Paris lets you explore the oustanding mind of Wassily Kandinsky (Moscow, 1886 – Neuilly-sur-Seine, 1944) and hear the colors just as he would hear them.

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Truth Be Told: The Power of Words

The power of art is undeniable. Some people is still thinking art is useless or even worst: that it is just about beauty. However, messages in art are as powerful and political as any speech given by politicians or activists. Last year, artist Nick Cave (Fulton, 1959) created a big installation which was subjected to censorship.

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Teeter-Totter Wall: Design of the Year 2021. Is this Activism Art?

By Sybaris

Last week, Abel Cervantes wrote on this pages about the decline of public monuments and questioned if the design of public spaces in Mexico were actually social spaces. A couple of days ago (on January 21st), the Design Museum in London awarded Teeter-Totter Wall (2019) with the Design of the Year, one of the most prestigious design awards around the world. However, although this project has good intentions, is it really the best option one could imagine to protest against a wall that has been specifically designed to separate the people?

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