Acute Art: The App that Will Change the Art World

By Sybaris Collection

It is not new news: virtual reality has lived with “real-reality” for more than 20 years. However, as in no other period of time, artists who come from contemporary art collaborate with technology to create imaginary worlds. The question is: this relationship between art and technology, in what way does it affect reality?

Acute Art app director Daniel Birnbaum said: “There is a huge technological change that could possibly change everything. It will change what we now know as the public and it will definitely change what a work is.”

Acute Art is an application in which a person connects to virtual reality through a helmet that determines their vision. The first artists who have worked with the developers are Marina Abramović, Jeff Koons, Olafur Eliasson or Tomas Saraceno.

Abramović made a piece in the water that tries to make the user empathize with climate change. How? When using the application, the person experiences the sensation of drowning. And you are faced with a dilemma: you can save other people who are in the same situation. The application stimulates areas of the brain that make the user feel that they are really drowning. A total immersion.

Birnbaum—who has also been the director of the Venice Biennale —mentions that the work is not an object or an event that the viewer observes, but an experience in which the viewer is the protagonist. With Acute Art the questions around art and its impact on reality are triggered: is art an area where humans can change their future? Thanks to art, can we imagine our futures and modify them? Is the app not just a haven but a tool for transformation?

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