Art History

How does Pictorial Art Represent Pandemics?

By Julio Horta

Referring to the philosopher Luigi Pareyson, Umberto Eco proposes in The definition of Art that “the person forms in the work his concrete experience, his inner life, his inimitable spirituality, his personal reactions in the historical environment in which he lives…” In relation to this “aesthetics of formativity”*, images about a pandemic in art are forms that establish the way the artist looks at himself in his social reality.

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By Sybaris Collection

For about 10 years, Matt Scobey belonged to the Denver art scene. For the American artist, art can be found anywhere: an art gallery, a living room, or the street. His website is a window to find links between design and art. The Remnant Suite piece perhaps synthesizes everything: “Collected scrap Marble from various contractors. When people have custom countertops/surfaces designed for home or business it often results in odd size cutofffs that are too small for resale and are either thrown away or recycled. After collecting the Marble I came up with a dimension/measurement that would utilize as much material as possible and hired a local stone cutter to cut each piece down to size. This resulted in enough material for the creation of 6 stacking sculptures/objects. I then had acrylic cut to scale and drilled holes in each piece of Marble in order to embed neodymium magnets that serve to hold the various pieces of material in place.”

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