Featured Artist

Interview with Mario García Torres

By Andrea Cuevas

Museo Jumex is presenting an experimental project which seeks to explore the role of the museum and art institutions in the midst of a global crisis. While the museum is closed due to the Coronavirus quarantine, Mexican artist Mario García Torres occupies one of the museum’s galleries as his private studio to produce a series of paintings. The public is able to see Mario’s process through a daily streaming available at the museum’s web page, and some video interviews are taking place as part of the public program of the exhibition. The outcomes of this creative process will be part of an exhibition for only one visitor.

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Art Will Never Be the Same Again

By Sybaris Collection

The pandemic disrupted a series of social, political and cultural dynamics that have been forced to transform. What changes will happen in art in the coming years? We tried some answers.

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Art History

The Rise of Urban Art

By Sybaris Collection

The term urban art, sometimes known as street art, is fast becoming a widely-accepted, and popular form of artistic expression. As an expression of pop art, urban art comes in many styles and tells many stories. From large-scale works in public locations to smaller pieces suitable for private ownership and display, urban art is fast becoming more than just interesting works noticed by passersby. However, this ancient art is an idyllic blend of creativity and articulation, one which may have only recently been accepted as ART but has always been considered EXPRESSION.

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