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#Selfexpression: New Works by Paola Ismene

Photo Courtesy of Paola Ismene

Paola Ismene from Mexico was named the winner of the Huawei and the Saatchi Gallery’s #SelfExpression competition for her entry Daydream in Blue, which was selected from over 9,000 entries by judges Chris LevineRachel MacleanRuss O’ConnellSimon Roberts and Gillian Wearing, who were joined by former Saatchi Gallery CEO Nigel Hurst.

The #SelfExpression Competition invited artists, photographers, creative individuals and anyone with a smartphone to turn their gaze away from the self to document the world and those around them. The open-entry competition gave everyone over 16 the opportunity to share their most expressive images, and what they find beautiful, interesting or noteworthy, with an international audience.

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The The Provocation Colum: What is an Icon in Art?
Art Advisory, New Collector, The Provocation Column

What is an Icon?: Some key facts about it

Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection

What is an icon? When we speak of an icon, we usually think of a person or thing that serves as a representative symbol. However, art has a distinct definition of an icon or “iconic”–a description that differs to a certain extent from the usual and more general meaning of the icon.

The term iconography is a process of identifying, describing, interpreting, and classifying symbols, subject matter, and themes. The whole concept of icons in the art may leave a question for the beginner, some of which we will try to answer.

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Types of Walls to Hang a Painting

An artwork, be it is a drawing, artistic design, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramic or painting, expresses meaning and magnifies emotions in ways that are inexplicable. Adding a painting to a room is a way to add interest to it. However, arranging the painting in a way that is attractive may be a different task altogether. A factor that makes artwork more beautiful and pleasing is the way and position it is placed or hung. When hanging paintings in the home, there are a few things you may need to consider or questions you need to ask. Let’s get started.

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Featured Artist

Featured Artist, Collage Artist Inas Al-Soqi

Photo Courtesy of Inas Al-Soqui

Inas is a story teller that uses old books to assemble collages with a unique sense of humor towards worldly sensibilities. She is a heritage-driven artist who works with the cultural diversity she encounters in her trips around the world. She has a solid education in painting, drawing, printmaking, collage work, and art history. Her works also circulate the globe. They can be found in museums and private collections throughout several countries: Romania, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Finland, Morocco, Qatar, and The United States.

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