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Book Reviews, The Provocation Column

Book Review: Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton

For those interested in learning about the world of contemporary art, in its diverse markets which can be considered different art “worlds”, Sarah Thornton delves deep to offer readers an inside look. Rather than creating a guide for those already knowledgeable about the world of art and the markets where it can be found, Thornton offers readers a glimpse into what a day could appear in each art-focused culture. From a live auction at Christie’s to THE Art Basel fair in Switzerland, and various creative locations in between, art and the art civilization are at the heart of Thornton’s book.

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SC Clay Fest for Sybaris Collection

Silver City Clay Festival, Silver City NM, July 16-21

About CLAY

Clay, mud and earth are the common ground of New Mexico’s people and the embodiment of their history. Taking place every summer in Silver City, New Mexico since 2012, the Silver City CLAY Festival gathers together artists, educators, entrepreneurs, families, youth, adventurers, and life-long learners to explore clay in its many forms as well as its impact on our history, present, and future.

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Installation Art Blog for Sybaris Collection
New Collector, The Provocation Column

Installation Art—The Location or the Artwork?

In a proverbial “the chicken or the egg” conundrum, installation art leads scholars to ask “is it the art itself or the location of the art” which makes it installation? No matter how you look at, installation art is often “larger than life” and simply has that WOW factor. One of the key factors which distinguishes this type of work from most others is the experience viewers have when viewing installation art. This ability to see the art from multiple angles, the variations across a surface, often provide a breathtaking encounter for art appreciators. Let’s delve more into installation art.

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Art Mag, Issue 009, Trips

Prada Marfa-Iconic Marfa, Texas?

Installation art is known for challenging viewers; it can be gritty, defiant, quirky, and even dismal. It can represent volatile experiences from the past or make fun or common social norms. Prada Marfa may be a perfect representation of strange decadence in a foreign (to the everyday city dweller) world.

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Art Santa Fe for Sybaris Collection

Art Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM July 12-15


Art Santa Fe, a gathering of exceptional artists and galleries from around the world, celebrates 18 successful years this summer. Join us from July 12–15, 2018, for an exploration of world-class modern and contemporary art in a locale that overflows with natural beauty, cultural history, and a deep appreciation for the arts.

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