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How to Frame an Oil Painting

From time to time, art will be sold in a “raw” form, without a method to display it. There are some who will hang works on their canvases, but an oil painting truly shines when framed. You may have found the “perfect” oil painting for your display location and collection, but without a frame, it seems unfinished. To best accentuate your fine art, choose a frame which suits the style of the artwork as well as your taste. However, framing fine art like an oil painting is more than purchasing a ready-made piece from a craft store. Whether you choose to tackle this task on your own or hire a professional, here is a guide for framing oil paintings.

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The Rise of Urban Art

The term urban art, sometimes known as street art, is fast becoming a widely-accepted, and popular form of artistic expression. As an expression of pop art, urban art comes in many styles and tells many stories. From large-scale works in public locations to smaller pieces suitable for private ownership and display, urban art is fast becoming more than just interesting works noticed by passersby. However, this ancient art is an idyllic blend of creativity and articulation, one which may have only recently been accepted as ART but has always been considered EXPRESSION.

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The foremost contemporary and modern at fair in Houston, the Texas Contemporary enters its 7th year with 65 exhibitors and a host of public installations and special projects. Partnering over 50 of the Houston area’s most outstanding cultural institutions, the art fair will be showcased in the remodeled and improved George R. Brown Convention center.
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Featured Artist

Featured Artist, Street Art Collective Mentalgassi

Walking among the streets of Berlin, pedestrians encounter a U-Bahn ticket machine with the face of a blonde woman, her mouth the ticket receptacle. Utility poles are covered by a large-than-life size photo of an angry (or happy, or surprised) individuals. A concrete dividing wall with an overhanging tree is painted with the face of a woman, the leaves and branches as a full head of “curly” hair. These are some of the examples of the street art found throughout Berlin, and the work of Mentalgassi.
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ARTRIO 2018 September 27 – 30, 2018

ArtRio 2018 will be held from September 27th to 30th (preview on September 26th). The success of the seventh edition of ArtRio confirmed the fair as one of the most important on the world art scene. The fair welcomed 52,000 visitors to view works shown by 50 galleries at Marina da Gloria.
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