Performance and Choreography: Melanie McLain vs Anne Imhof

Performance art is all about space, movement and corporeality, and the possibilities to explore them are endless. Political as well as social and aesthetic issues are commonly addressed in the work of performance artists in order to explore the relationships of the human behavior within both the reality and the social life. Two of the most interesting performer artists nowadays are Melanie McLain and Anne Imhof, whose practices are closely related regarding the importance of the body as the main axis of their works. Although their proposals have some aspects in common, their approach to performance offers dissimilar perpsectives.

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The Death of David Cronenberg

By Sybaris

Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg has explored the human body from its most darkest and weirdest relationships with life and nature. It isnt rare now that in his most recent short is getting closer to his own death and turn it into a NFT work. The film is currently on auction through the platform Superrare.

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Collecting the Ephemeral: How to Collect Performance?

By Regina de Con Cossío

Performance is one of the most complex art expressions in all senses. It is about experience, time and space. But how to preserve those moments that run like a breathe? Is it enough having a photo, a video or simply a paper to archive those experiences that set a trace on the memory?

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