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Collecting the Ephemeral: How to Collect Performance?

By Regina de Con Cossío

Performance is one of the most complex art expressions in all senses. It is about experience, time and space. But how to preserve those moments that run like a breathe? Is it enough having a photo, a video or simply a paper to archive those experiences that set a trace on the memory?

We know it: collecting art is not simply about randomly gathering a bunch of art pieces, it is about supporting art but also preserve our history and memory. So here are some reflections about the difficult work that implies collecting performance art.

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Art theft: activism or crime?

By Sybaris Collection

Art has always been object of desire not only for art lovers, but for thiefs or kidnappers trying to make theirselfs millionaires. As artworks in museums are considered incredibly valuable objects for their cultural heritage and artistic importance, the acts of kidnapp or stole art are defined by law as crimes. But what happen when these robberies are activism or artistic performances by itselfs?

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Santiago Sierra and Eugenio Merino: the burning of Ninot

By Sybaris Collection

In 2019, during the famous art fair ARCO Madrid, Spanish artists Santiago Sierra and Eugenio Merino introduced a monumental sculpture of Felipe VI, current king of Spain. The hyper-realistic work of more than four meters in heigh, was on sale for €200,000 under the promise of burning it in a lapse time of a year. But what kind of collector would buy an art piece which would be later dissapear?

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