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Art, Science, and Gender Studies: Charlotte Jarvis and the Female Sperm

By Camila Durán

A couple of years ago the controversial artist Charlotte Jarvis unveiled In Posse, an art project that aims to create female sperm. The first questions around this project revolve around the essence of the disciplines: to what extent can we talk about contemporary art? Is it a scientific project? How does gender studies intervene?

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7 artists to follow in 2021

By Regina De Con Cossío

A new year ahead, and with it a fresh and new access to explore artistic manifestos!  Keen to research, follow and learn more of the contemporary art scene, let’s welcome this 2021 with an open-minded and free spirit to delve more into art. If you are looking where to commence this new journey, have at hand the names of this seven artists, for they combine smart narratives and strong critiques with a variety of techniques and sensibility.

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Kim Ki-Duk: The Painter Becoming Filmmaker

By Sybaris

It isn’t a common place to say that Kim Ki-Duk (Chungyangmyeon, 1960 – Riga, 2020) was one of the most interesting, controversial, and singural filmmakers of our times. His particular treatment of the moving image reveals the deepness of his gaze, particularly in the way he looked the life both as an imagen and as complex narrative in which the most complex essences of the human being are hidden.

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José González Veites: Abstract Geometry

By Sybaris Collection

The work of José González Veites (Mexico City, 1957) is one of the most hidden treasures in Mexican art history. Although his paintings has been subjetc of several essays written by art critics and theorist as Teresa del Conde, Rita Eder or María Minera, no major solo exhibitions devoted to Veites have been made recently in Mexico. However, his technique and his concept of the painting reveals a both a deeply knowledge and interest about the canvas as a surface to define light, color and space.

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