Art and Engineering? 5 Projects

It is most commonly to talk about art and technology, but how can we understand the relationship between art and engineering?

This isn’t a new topic, since the experiments of Leonardo da Vinci in the fifteenth century, artists have been interested in working with the engineering tools and methodologies in order to approach to the functioning of the world, both naturally and technological. However, such as Da Vinci, contemporary artists are also involved with engineering no only to create aesthetic proposals but also to offer alternatives solutions to different problematics or needs

Here are 5 art projects that are closely related or based on engineering.

1. Stelarc, Third Hand, 1980

2. Marie-Luce Nadal, Factory of the Vaporous, 2014

3. Trevor Paglen, Unseen Stars, 2020

4. Troika, No Sound of Water, 2021.

5. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Pollinator Pathmaker, 2021.