Paola de Anda: Esporada

By Sybaris

Paola de Anda (Ciudad de México 1979), is an artist and art teacher whose work has been closely related with the everyday life and the nature.

De Anda considers art as a place from which to experience the reality, as well as a fertile field to provoke delusions and reflection. Her works is the consequence of the experience with everyday life as well as the result of diferente learning processes.

Beyond being means of production, installation, drawing, sculpture, video, photography and writing in her practice are catalysts, filters and residues or traces of her research. De Anda tries to explore through her work the political dimension of rhytm in our experience of time. In this context, there are three key questions that takes her attention: How to emancipate ourselves from the experience of a time defined by the capitalist system? How to achieve an active contemplation or our reality and our experience in it? What can we learn from the relationship with temporalities other than ours?

Paola de Anda is part of Circular, the most recent—a now active— curatorial project by Sybaris, that gathers four female artists to reflect on the role of instructions in artistic practices and aims to bring art closer to people through an interactive experience.

Each of the four artists create a poster with a series steps for the audiencie to follow and make an artistic piece or action. The poster itself is an art piece that is available for free download:

For this project, De Anda designed a special action named Esporada for which a slingshot and a mushroom are the main and oly materiales to provoke a whole artistic action and experience.

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