Karla Leyva: Beauty Ritual

By Sybaris Collection

Karla Leyva’s (Monterrey, 1979) work is based on the idea of the postorganic human being: a mix between the organic and the inorganic in the human body and nature through science and technology.

Through diferent materials and processes related with comestic and wellness industries, as well as organic matters and tools used in photography, film and video, Leyva is interested in analyze how the construction of the media images and current digital life are defining our subjectivities and bodies.

Karla Leyva is part of Circular, the most recent—a now active— curatorial project by Sybaris, that gathers four female artists to reflect on the role of instructions in artistic practices and aims to bring art closer to people through an interactive experience.

Each of the four artists create a poster with a series steps for the audiencie to follow and make an artistic piece or action. The poster itself is an art piece that is available for free download: https://www.sybariscollection.com/circular-instructions-for-artitistic-ptractice/

For this project, Leyva wants to explore our relationship with portraits most commonly know nowadays as selfies, and how does images define the way we show ourselves in social media.

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