Fernanda Barreto: Medidores

By Sybaris

Fernanda Barreto (São Paulo, 1988) is artists, translator and cultural mediator, whose practice is focused on educational and pedagogical methods. She is part of Circular, the newest curatorial project by Sybaris.

Barreto’s work is based on an investigation about the forms, use and dynamics of languages withing communication practices, collective enunciationa and social structures.

For her project Medidores, she created a series of objects made from an investigation about the phenomeonen of wind and measuring devices used to whot the presence, strenght and intensity of the wind.

Fernanda Barreto is part of Circular, the most recent—a now active— curatorial project by Sybaris, that gathers four female artists to reflect on the role of instructions in artistic practices and aims to bring art closer to people through an interactive experience.

Each of the four artists create a poster with a series steps for the audiencie to follow and make an artistic piece or action. The poster itself is an art piece that is available for free download: https://www.sybariscollection.com/circular-instructions-for-artitistic-ptractice/

For this project, Barreto designed a special action named Medidores in which the wind will be the main driving force for your body to explore the space. Let the wind flow through you!

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