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Auction Guide

ART GUIDES AUCTION GUIDEENGLISH WHETHER IT IS because of love of art or as a longterm investment, buying art has its basic strategies, which are also related to subjective factors, such as personal taste and artistic trends of the moment,... Read more

Michael Findlay

Collector and Art Historian Michael Findlay (Scotland, b. 1945) September 2022The Value of Art By Sybaris Images courtesy of Prestel Publishing Ltd. Michael Findlay is  Director of Acquavella Galleries, which specializes in Impressionist and Modern European & post-war art; American... Read more

Participatory Art

ART GUIDES PARTICIPATORY ARTENGLISH | ESPAÑOL What is participatory art? More than a movement or trend, it is an artistic practice that has been redefined over time according to the transformations that art itself and society are going through. Although... Read more

Art Photo Guide

ART GUIDES ART PHOTO GUIDEENGLISH | ESPAÑOL Our next guide is a look at one of the disciplines that has been transformed in a formidable way in recent years thanks to the advances in technology. We citizens feel increasingly closer... Read more