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Art & Technology

ART GUIDES Instructions for buying Art with TechnologyENGLISH / SPANISH The following instructions made by Sybaris are divided into 3 parts. First, a guide to acquire this types of works. Then, a selection of the most representative artists of art... Read more

30 Art Curators

ART GUIDES 30 ART CURATORSENGLISH | ESPAÑOL What is curator? As a first definition we can point out that it is a practice where the works in an exhibition are arranged to create new meanings. For some experts on the... Read more

Art Guides – By Sybaris

A collection of guides with key aspects and topics for the art collector. Download it now! Auction Guide Download EN Participatory Art Download EN | ES Art Photo Guide Download EN | ES 30 Art Curators Download EN | ES... Read more

21 FROM 21

ART GUIDES 21 FROM 21ENGLISH The issue that the readers have before their eyes is an exploration to find the looks of 2021 that endowed contemporary art with movement. For Sybaris Collection this year should not only be remembered as... Read more

Art Highlights 2022 Vol. 1

ART GUIDES ART HIGHLIGHTS 2022, VOL. 1ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL The art world begins 2022 with the hope of returning to face-to-face activities and holding events and exhibitions that had to be postponed due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.... Read more