Participatory Art


Participatory Art Guide Cover



What is participatory art? More than a movement or trend, it is an artistic practice that has been redefined over time according to the transformations that art itself and society are going through. Although it is not easy to define, its power lies in the emphasis it gives to collective creation and the possibility of detoning effects in social reality. In this new guide, we review some projects and theories around this type of art with the aim of not only approaching the proposals of artists and theoreticians, but also reflecting on the processes, tools and means that art participatory can offer to make a difference. We begin the guide with a series of works that have created new forms of participation in the 21st century. Then we continue with an approach to the thought of theorists Claire Bishop and Nicolas Bourriaud, who have essayed on the stakes of participation in art. We reflect on the political and the ethical in the art of digital participation, to then question the possibilities of buying and collectinc this form of manifestation. Finally, we address the profile of one of the most important and proactive artists in this area, to close with a basic glossary that can broaden our perspective.


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