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Guide to NFTs

ART GUIDES GUIDE TO NFTSENGLISH IN THE PAST two years the world has changed in the most un- usual and unexpected ways. The art world and market were not the exceptions. Although digital art has a long history of at... Read more

The Highlights of the NFTs

The Highlights of the NFTs By Sybaris CollectionIN RECENT MONTHS we have not stopped reading and hearing that NFTs are all the rage. Far from getting on the trend, we want to highlight some of the most detailed of the... Read more
Trends in Art

How To Create an NFT Work

By Sybaris The art market raised alarms in March when the artwork EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 by Beeple (a digital image converted to NFT) sold for nearly $ 70 million. Both artists and agents around the world turned to face…

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