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What awaits art in 2021?

By Abel Cervantes

It is not necessary to repeat it: the word of 2020 is Covid-19. What happened this year will cause a series of social, political, economic changes, whose remains to be seen. I have mentioned it in other places: perhaps the two most important events of the 21st century are September-11 and Covid-19.

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2020: A new rise of Mobile and Digital Art and Market?

By Sybaris

Belive ir or not, art has always been related with technology. From Stonehenge to Tik Tok. Writer and historian Roman Gubern have said Lascaux Caves are the early depictios of virtual reality, and pinpoint the Pointillism technique as the direct reference of  pixels (Del bisonte a la realidad virtual. La escena y el laberinto, Anagrama, 1996). Even Werner Herzog have shown in his beautiful documentary the Cave of Forgotten Dreams how the Chauvet Caves are kind of a protocinema.  So then, why are we still so obssesed with digital technology?

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Trends and Developments in the Art Finance Industry

By Regina de Con Cossío

Art and finance are tied together closer now than ever before. An increasing number of collectors understand the value of art as more than an attractive asset; the investment value of art collection has become an activity worth investigating further as confidence in the art market grows rapidly, along with sales. 

Of the aspects of art and finance which are growing consistently, these are some of the most widespread trends which are likely to develop and expand in the future:

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