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Remarkable Urban Art Pieces and Their Creators

Urban art has taken the art world by storm, and it can be found in many art-centric cities in fairs and shows. However, with the current boom, there are genuinely some outstanding examples of urban art worth giving special notice. The following are a few of some remarkable pieces, along with a few interesting tidbits about their creation or fascinating information about the artists who created them:

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Art History, Investing in Art, Trends in Art

The Rise of Urban Art

The term urban art, sometimes known as street art, is fast becoming a widely-accepted, and popular form of artistic expression. As an expression of pop art, urban art comes in many styles and tells many stories. From large-scale works in public locations to smaller pieces suitable for private ownership and display, urban art is fast becoming more than just interesting works noticed by passersby. However, this ancient art is an idyllic blend of creativity and articulation, one which may have only recently been accepted as ART but has always been considered EXPRESSION.

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Collage Art’s Place in 21st Century Art Development

The 21st century is an exciting time for artists. Centuries of art styles, booming technology for artistic experimentation, and a plethora of resources and materials ripe for inspiration. It is fitting that collage art takes its place as a leading art form and influencer in today’s world of art and artists. It is indeed an ideal time for collage, and collage is the perfect art for the 21st century.
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Pioneers of Collage Art

Originating from the French word coller (to glue), the artistic method of assembling works from a variety of mediums is now known as Collage Art. As a collection of unrelated components, collage art was born of Cubism, a genre of art which transformed art to more basic and abstract view in a reverse process, and as an avenue of political expression and anti-war sentiment. This novel approach resisted traditional styles and methods of art, embracing industrialization and man-made materials and machinery.
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Digital Art-How do you display it?

Digital Art-this innovative new technique is practically a buzzword in the world of art. Many collectors are interested in obtaining pieces they have discovered in galleries, but struggle with one of the most obvious dilemmas: How do we display digital art? Since digital art comes in a variety of styles, from videos shown on a large screen to digitally-created sculptures, there are equal numbers of options for displaying digital pieces. The other concern is this: what is the best environment for showcasing digital art works? From lighting to audio, digital works come with their own unique challenges. Here are some of the top tips for displaying digital art.

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