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5 Art Collectives for the Turner Prize

By Sybaris Collection

For the first time in the history of the Turner Prize, the contenders for this award are 5 art collectives: there is no single individual artist. The effect of the pandemic is also beginning to affect the awards, which, as in this case, seem to be sensitized by initiatives where a social aspect predominates.Read more

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The Rental of Works of Art

By Sybaris

The world has radically changed. It is not that analogous processes have become digital: social processes have changed. The ways of communicating have changed. And the way of understanding the economy has also changed. We haven’t realized it yet, but the world is going to be very different from how we knew it a couple of years ago.

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Made You Look: A True Story of Fake Art

By Sybaris

Made You Look: A True Story of Fake Art is 2020 documentary directed by Canadian director Barry Avrich, that you can watch online either on Netflix or Mubi. The film goes through a controversy about a series of fake paintings from some of the most important artist of the 20th Centyr valued in millions of dollars. While the true is revealed, the viewer can question how could it be possible to sell fake art to  important art collectors without noticing those pieces are copies.Read more

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The Vov: A New Phygital Era for the Art

By Sybaris

The new Covid-19 era has locked but also turned the world upside down and now everybody is developing new strategies for face over the social distancing, specially those spaces where the physical presence is important for having a direct experiences—susch as museums and art galleries. But how this new ways for seeing art can affect our aesthetic experiencies? Is it enough to take the art to online platforms? Read more

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