A new year is here and the are also some editorial news. Here are 5 books to begin 2022 with some art.

1. Louise Bourgeois x Jenny Holzer: The Violence of Handwriting across a Page

For both Jenny Holzer (1950) and Louise Bourgeois (1911–2010), the question of female identity is a central point of departure for their artistic production. Conceived and designed by Holzer to accompany the 2022 Louise Bourgeois exhibition that she curated at the Kunstmuseum Basel, the book puts Bourgeois’ works into dialogue with works from the Kunstmuseum Basel’s historical collections. A fascinating montage of images and writings, this volume offers an unprecedented insight into Bourgeois’ art and life.


2. Kara Walker: White Shadows in Blackface

n 2002, Kara Walker was selected to represent the United States at the prestigious São Paulo Art Biennial. Curator Robert Hobbs wrote extended essays on her work for this exhibition, and also for her show later that year at the Kunstverein Hannover. Because these essays have not been distributed in the US and remain among the most in-depth and essential investigations of her work, Karma is now republishing them in this new clothbound volume.



3. This Must Be the Place: An Oral History of Latin American Artists in New York, 1965–1975

SLAA is delighted to co-published, with the Americas Society, a 2022 volume narrating the stories of Latin American artists who shaped New York’s downtown scene through oral histories and documents from the period. This fully illustrated volume presents archival material, photographs, images of artworks, sketches, and press clippings—many of it never seen before. The book will offer a dynamic, candid, and historically rich perspective of sixties and seventies New York.



4. Why I Make Art: Contemporary Artists’ Stories About Life & Work

Thirty illuminating profiles of working artists sharing the influences and experiences that inspire them to create art in America today. This compelling volume explores the practices and life stories of artists across multiple mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture and land art. Offering readers an intimate, contemplative view of each remarkable creator, Why I Make Art examines themes as varied as music and skateboarding, immigration and statelessness, community and identity.

5. Great Adaptations. In the shadow of a climate crisis

Climate change adaptation. A hope-fuelled necessity on the road to a transformed world – or the last act of the doom-merchant who has given up? There are great ways to adapt to the climate crisis that confronts us, but there are disastrous ways too. In this book, Morgan Phillips takes us from the air-conditioned pavements of Doha and the ‘cool rooms’ of Paris, to the fog catchers of Morocco and the agro-foresters of Nepal. He makes an often neglected topic engaging and relatable at precisely the moment the climate movement is waking up to it.