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What Are the Different Types of Art Curator?

As we know, art curators are one of the most important  figures regarding the functioning of art foundations, museums, art collections and, of course, the exhibition-making. But what are the different types of curators and which is their importance?

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The Provocation Column

From America to Asia: Top Exhibitions to see in 2021-2022

Regina de Con Cossío

Museums around the world were deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the exhibitions were cancellend or posposed, but hope still remains and exhibition programs are kind of a possibility for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If these exhibitions are scheduled, we might think in the oportunity of visiting a museum. Here is  a selected list of some of the most anticipated exhibitions that will take place from the second half of the year.

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Art History, ARTbook, Artists

The Anti-Museum: Exhibitions to Go

By Sybaris Collection

Between 1935 and 1941, Marcel Duchamp took the museum and the art exhibitions to its more contemporary expression. He took a suitcase to carry on miniatures of some of his most important works so he can exhibit them in any place he went to. Since then, the idea of the museum could change forever but the art institution resisted  and even today museums are still working inside the walls.

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