The Andy Warhol Diaries: “I’m a Freak”

Is there something else to say about Andy Warhol? Thousands of documentaries, films and magazines has explored the life and work of the most famous artist of the 20th Century. However, non article or video has tell his story through his real voice.

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Made You Look: A True Story of Fake Art

By Sybaris

Made You Look: A True Story of Fake Art is 2020 documentary directed by Canadian director Barry Avrich, that you can watch online either on Netflix or Mubi. The film goes through a controversy about a series of fake paintings from some of the most important artist of the 20th Centyr valued in millions of dollars. While the true is revealed, the viewer can question how could it be possible to sell fake art to  important art collectors without noticing those pieces are copies.Read more