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3 Schools of Art & Sciences

The relathionship between art and science has a long history. However, more than ever, artists and scienctis are interested in working together to face the most importante and unpredictable problematicas the world is having today, specially when talking about the technological and biological advances as well as the horror of the climate change. Here are three international schools who offer programs completely focused on this matter.

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Art History

What is Mimesis in Art?

Mimesis is one of the most ancient concepts in art history at least in the West. Although we still use it in order to define what is art and what it is the difference with nature, mimesis is a very ambiguos and misunderstood notion that has give shape to our ways of seeing and giving value to artworks. In the 21st Century, is it still posible to talk about mimesis?

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The Provocation Column

From America to Asia: Top Exhibitions to see in 2021-2022

Regina de Con Cossío

Museums around the world were deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the exhibitions were cancellend or posposed, but hope still remains and exhibition programs are kind of a possibility for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If these exhibitions are scheduled, we might think in the oportunity of visiting a museum. Here is  a selected list of some of the most anticipated exhibitions that will take place from the second half of the year.

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Luma Arles: Frank Gehry inspired by Van Gogh

By Sybaris

It is hard to imagine how a modern painting could inspired a contemporary bulding from the 21st Century. However, painting and architecture have had a long relationship in which one and the other have been inspired in ther forms, compositions, texture and colors. The latest example is a building located in Arles, designed by Frank Gehry and inspired by one of the most enigmatic avant-garde artist of the late 19th Century.

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