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Why to Collect Art? 5 Books To Delve Into The Importance Of Collecting.

Collecting art is more than a hobby. It is a practice that can have economic, social, historical and even political implications. How to recognize the importance of collecting one or another piece? What does it mean to collect art professionally? What aspects should I take into account?

The following list of books addresses, from a critical and reflective point of view, the different aspects that one must know when being a professional collector.

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The Provocation Column

You Want to Collect Art? Why Not Invest In It Too!

Art is timeless. There are few times in one’s life, which is void of the appreciation of creativity and beauty found in human artistic expression. Collecting art brings to mind many things: memories, sharing inspirations with others, even passing on something of meaning to future generations. Why, then, not consider the financial investment made when art is purchased and displayed?

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Art Basel – Miami Art Week 2021: Exhibitions to See

Art Basel Miami is one of the most important art fairs around the world. It has become in one of the main spots for the art community, as well as for art collectors and as lovers. Because of its great impact on the city, there are several exhibition and art events which will take place during the fair, from December 2 to 4. Here are three exhitions on Miami’s top museums to see:

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