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Art Decade

The strange case of the Baroness
By Abel Cervantes

The history of art that we have been taught is boring. The names that make it up are generally great figures to admire. Similarly, the pieces of the canon of art stand out for an unattainable beauty or a wonderful halo to which viewers should appreciate with absolute respect and amazement. However, history is boring not because of the events that make it up but because of the narratives that contain it in books, magazines, museums and art fairs.

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By Sybaris Collection

When we face a work by Jeff Koons we have two alternatives: to relate its motives to the history of art or to be seduced by its contemporary presence. Antiquitysynthesizes both positions. The series that began in 2018 mixes images from different eras: prehistoric and Greco-Roman deities, 19th-century figures or women of the 20th century (Gretchen Mol dressed as the icon of the 50 Betty Page in Antiquity3) achieving a syncretism that recalls at the same time Dalí’s surrealism and the American advertising silhouettes of the 60s. As Koons mentioned: “I’ve always loved Surrealism and Dada and Pop, so I just follow my interests and focus on them.”

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Why to collect art??

By Andrea Cuevas

Why people collect art? Actually is pretty similar to the question of why people make art. The most basic and common answer for that is because human beings has the imperative necessity to express themselves, and we assume it as an unquestionable truth. It is hard to find someone who thinks a person makes art or becomes an artist for making money. On the other hand, when we think in art collectors, the first image to come to our mind is that of a billionaire that buys art as a form to get a tax deduction or money laundering.

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