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Building an Art Collection in Today’s Art Market

The art market is an exciting one. From fast-paced art auctions to huge art fairs such as Art Basel Miami (attracting over 75,000 visitors), it is both enjoyable and thrilling to see the wide variety of art works represented by thousands of unique artists worldwide. Additionally, with the popularity of online display and sales growing annually, one doesn’t have to look far to find works of all genres, techniques, and price ranges. But discovering and enjoying art are separate from building a collection of art works. Therefore, here are a few tips to building your own art collection in today’s art market.

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A Dream of Big Art in Big Country: Donald Judd’s Marfa, Texas

Photo Courtesy of Sybaris Collection

It is predictable to begin with the oddity of Marfa, Texas; to describe how trendy city-dwellers flock to this remote location to discover minimalist installation art championed by Donald Judd in the 1970’s. But it may be more sensible to consider the combination of open spaces, of natural beauty, and the melding of this starkly-different pair of sights.

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A “New” Art World Market or a Simple Shift in Attitude?

Is the art market entering a new era? Statistics seem to support this observation, and for artists and collectors, gallerists and museums, appraisers and auction houses, the news is met with excitement. The rise in art appreciation reflects the international and digital movements found in other aspects of everyday life, where the world truly becomes smaller and more intimate, and history and culture are respected and celebrated as a result. But can we call this a “breakthrough?”

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The Autonomy of Artwork, a Commentary

After booth-hopping at Art Basel Hong Kong, and interacting with the art patrons, I contemplated the pieces we all were observing, and wondered if they are truly independent of their context and methods of production. Theodore Adorno, a well-known German philosopher and influential promoter of authoritarianism, asked theoretical questions about the autonomous character of artworks. In other words, we might ask: Does artwork embrace history?

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