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Provenance—Its Importance in Art Collection

History buffs thrive on the stories that shape our world: Where we have started, the experiences which have shaken the world, and how we arrived at our current location.  In the world of art, this history, the journey which a work of art has travelled to arrive at its current location, is called Provenance. From the French word, provenir, meaning “to come from,” it is more than just the story of a work of art’s life or a timeline of ownership; it validates and confirms its value to the owner, even though it can be met with delight or grief, depending on the conclusion. Loosely considered the “title chain” of a work of art, you will find a vast array of different combinations of proof within the provenance of any work of art.

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Lost & Found—Interesting Stories of Missing and Recovered Works of Art

Scandalous stories have been passed around through the years of works of art which have been recovered after wars or found hidden away in modest homes in the estate process.  These discoveries bring to light the truth—a masterpiece may be lurking in someone’s attic or storage unit, and confiscated works of art may turn up anywhere. Here are some of the most interesting and unbelievable finds in the world of recovered art:
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Remarkable Urban Art Pieces and Their Creators

Urban art has taken the art world by storm, and it can be found in many art-centric cities in fairs and shows. However, with the current boom, there are genuinely some outstanding examples of urban art worth giving special notice. The following are a few of some remarkable pieces, along with a few interesting tidbits about their creation or fascinating information about the artists who created them:

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Art Advice-How to Bid in an Art Auction
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Art Advice: How to Bid in an Art Auction

An art auction is thrilling; the beauty of the art work, the rush of the auctioneer’s sing-song chatter, the excitement when the hammer drops. Even online auctions have a sense of urgency when the countdown clock is nearing the end and bidders vie for the final bid before the timer runs out. But before you reach for your buyer number or raise your hand (whether to scratch your nose or purchase a work of art), are you truly ready for the fast pace of an art auction?

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Digital Art’s Impact on the Fine Art Market

Historically, art was considered only something you could see and touch. Thus, it was easily controlled and managed, with galleries and museums restricting access to (and maintaining the value of) works in limited locations. With the evolution of the online world, art enthusiasts can locate art in its various facilities for viewing and purchasing. In addition, the digital world has provided tools and technology which the artists themselves use to create unique and immersive works which can be seen in person or online from any viewer’s home. With such easy access to portable works of art, how has the fine art market responded?

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Financial Benefits of Collecting Art

Art is emotional and for many, not associated with financial benefit. With works of art, one is attracted to art; the style, genre, colors, story, and sometimes even the artist who created it.  However, if you could obtain something that could give you pleasure and reap financial reward, wouldn’t you consider it? Although art collecting is often associated with wealthy individuals who are looking only to fill their homes and businesses with beauty, there is a financial side of building an assortment of artworks. Let’s consider some of the advantages of collecting art.

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