Interior Design

Rustic Style

Rustic style is a modern approach to the wood cabin essence interior design. Inspired by nature and balanced with traditional elements, this style should transmit the soul of the French Provence cottage. Organic textures and shapes give the spaces a natural warmth. Accent colors should be light and subtle.

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Classic Modern Style featured image
Interior Design

Classic Modern Style

Emulate a magical universe for your little one with original animal shaped trunks and toys that will fill the atmosphere with color and playfulness, setting up a great area to play.


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Featured Artist

Francisco Toledo, the Master

He is a myth and he is alive. He is one of those rare artists to whom celebration and recognition don’t have to wait to his afterlife. Francisco Toledo’s time is now, as will be later. His personality is as unique as his artwork. Always dressed in white cotton pants with dusty sandals, he can easily be reached in the Santo Domingo plaza in his natal, Oaxaca. Another peculiarity: one of the most reachable artists and also for many one of the greatest.

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