5 Tips to hang your painting in the wall

By Regica De Con Cossío

Maybe you just got a new piece in, or you are simply relocating the ones you have. Both scenarios presuppose arranging your space in a different way; setting up objects in a certain disposition to create a specific ambience.

Perhaps you have experienced before how an object appears completely different in one place than in another, up to the point you can like or dislike the same object. Light and colors & height and textures, they all must be taken under consideration when you are placing an Artwork. Behind how to hang them, there is an exquisite technique to make a space the place for the piece. For that we have some advices for you to correctly hang a frame to create a real exhibition space.


-The first thing is taking a look at the space in which the artwork is going to be integrated. It isn’t the same if it is a domestic space, a business building, an office or an institutional area, you need a complete panorama of the context in order to decide the best place to hang your piece.


-You must also consider if there are windows, doors, staircase, plants or the height of the ceiling, for the artwork position should be the best to shine on its own.


—Typically, museums and art galleries hang their pieces at 1.55 meters, which is the common height for people to see the picture directly. Of course, this will depend on your space.


-Please avoid hanging near by a fireplace. Most of the art handlers have seen important artworks decrease its value and beautiness because of being placed above a fireplace. Over the time, the canvas —in case of a painting— can be melted or damaged.

-Before hanging, pay attention to the framing. A smart framing can prevent damages caused by exposure to heath and light.


—Once you have chosen the ideal place, don’t trust in your intuition or good eyes. Always use a tape measure and a spirit level to make sure your hanging your piece perfectly straight

—Even most important: don’t be too stingy when hanging your photo or painting. Flat pieces need at least two or three special fixers to avoid any kind of accident.


—Finally, make sure your new artwork creates a real visual impact with the rest of your house or office. And if you have more than one piece, it would be great if you could find visual connections between them.

We are done! Now enjoy your artwork everyday as if it is the most beautiful work in the world.