Art Advisory

What is the Role of the Curator in Contemporary Art World?

Curators are one of the most important figures in the contemporary art world. In the last twenty years they have become kind-of a rockstars and their labor has been subjet both to analysis and critics thanks to their increasingly power in defining the course of art. However, despite all the glamour behind the public relations, what are the key funcionts of a serious curator?

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Tips for Art collectors

Tips to Conserve your Artworks

One of the most important thing to have in mind when having an art collection is to give the enough importance to protect and conserve your artworks. If you are a professional collector and have wondered the steps to keep your paintings in an extremely good conditions, check out this tips. Don’t forget that art conservation is not only to save your own goods, but also to keep alive the memory of a society through art. Read more

Art History

Still Life in Art: Why It is So Important?

Still Life has been one of the most popular genres through the art history. Since the ancient times, there are some representations related with it is also called “nature morte”. But what is “still life” and why has been so important and relevant to the point that even modern and contemporary art has explore the formal and conceptural characteristics of this art genre?

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