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We select five new art books that we consider relevant and interesting regardin to their contribution to the study of art from diferent perspectives.

New Time: Art and Feminisms in the 21st Century, 2021

In 1980 Lucy Lippard argued that feminist art is “neither a style nor a movement” but rather “a value system, a revolutionary strategy, a way of life.” New Time: Art and Feminisms in the 21st Century takes Lippard’s statement as a point of departure, examining the values, strategies and ways of life reflected in recent feminist art.

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5 Art Books for May

By Sybaris

Sybaris’ editorial team selected every month 5 books about art that stands out both for the importance of the topics they address and for offer a critical reflection about the different aspect of the art wold. Here our selection of May:

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Collecting the Ephemeral: How to Collect Performance?

By Regina de Con Cossío

Performance is one of the most complex art expressions in all senses. It is about experience, time and space. But how to preserve those moments that run like a breathe? Is it enough having a photo, a video or simply a paper to archive those experiences that set a trace on the memory?

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Art theft: activism or crime?

By Sybaris Collection

Art has always been object of desire not only for art lovers, but for thiefs or kidnappers trying to make theirselfs millionaires. As artworks in museums are considered incredibly valuable objects for their cultural heritage and artistic importance, the acts of kidnapp or stole art are defined by law as crimes. But what happen when these robberies are activism or artistic performances by itselfs?

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