Diego Rivera

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5 murals to meet Diego Rivera

By Sybaris

After the Mexican Revolution, the country was in ruins. Its reconstruction required a plan that would involve different sectors, including the artistic and cultural. In this context, Muralism was not only an aesthetic movement where its members exposed their technical capabilities, but also a purpose to project a national identity in the international arena. Not all the links between State and art are harmful: Muralism also allowed humble people who do not have access to art to observe the works of these artists in their day-to-day lives. In addition to that some muralists – such as Siqueiros, Rivera and Orozco – became true emblems of Mexican art. We selected 5 of Diego Rivera’s most representative murals to get closer to his work.

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Art is everywhere

By Camila Durán

One of the reasons that contemporary art is difficult to define is because it engages in an open dialogue with everyday life situations. As Boris Groys has explained in his texts, contemporary art is alive because it flees from museums. When art join museums, a double process begins. On the one hand, it adheres to the tradition of art. It is part of everything we call “ART”. But on the other hand, a part of its life vanishes.

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