Damien Hirst


What the Hell is a Blue Chip Artist?

By Sybaris

The term Blue Chip comes from poker and refers to those chips that have the highest value. However, the meaning of this term applies to different disciplines. So far so good, but let’s ask two questions: if the Blue Chips concept comes from a game that takes place mainly in a casino, what is its connotation? Could we associate it with concepts such as chance, fortune or loss and bankruptcy?

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Can Cryptocurrency Change The Art World?

By Abel Cervantes

The new trend has arrived: the world of personal finance is appearing on our cell phones with increasing frequency. When I open my Instagram or Facebook account, I immediately see posts about Bitcoin and all kinds of cryptocurrencies: Don’t live in the world of the past relying on government currencies—those posts seem to say—take a look at the new digitized world! Since the advent of neoliberalism in the early 1980s, the word speculation has been ringing in our ears more often than it should. But we are probably entering perhaps more dangerous territory.

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