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5 Art Collections in Mexico: A Very Short History

Mexico has a long history in collecting art at least since the 20th Century. Álvar and Carmen Carrillo Gil as well as Rufino Tamayo were wo of the most important art collectors who later donated their private collections to public institutions to give birth to their corresponding museums: the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil Art Museum and the Museo Tamayo. But how have the most important art collections in Mexico been formed?

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Tips for Art collectors

What is The Difference Between Art Exhibition, Biennial and Art Fair?

Art exhibitions are as diverse as the art itself. However, the Modernism left us a legacy in which art exhibitions are always considered as those in which an artwork is hangued or displayed in certain space. In some sense, that definitions has led us to think that every space with works of art displayed for the public is an exhibitions. However, there are key differences specially when talking about biennials and art fairs. Here are some tips to know what each one is about.

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The ABC of the Art Collector

By Regina de Con Cossío

The very essence of collecting is about assembling an array of objects through an act of love. The collector’s passion activates his / her search and, at the end of the day, his / her possessions. Within the artworld, the repertoire typically comprises painting, sculpture, antiques, photography. In an non philosophical way, it refers to objects.

Language is alway important regarding art. Since ever, the art world have built its own slang in order to create an identity, but also to communicate with each other in the midst of the dynamics art involves. That is way I offer you, as an art collector you are, a useful portable dictonary to be able to get involved with some key concepts when collecting art.

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