Este Art Fair 2018 in Punta del Este, Uruguay

ESTE ARTE is an international art fair on a human scale, with an engaging cultural and VIP agenda. The art fair brings an artistic offering that ranges from historical avant-gardes to contemporary art, generating a far-reaching art exhibition for regional and international visitors alike.
The exhibitors program hosts a carefully selected group of the most prestigious contemporary art galleries. Featuring young and established galleries, the fair aims to be the place where collectors can find works of established artists as well as artists at the beginning of their career.

We support the art market’s development. We empower both private and institutional collections.
The fair provides visitors with a chance to get to know the work of each gallery and its artists better. It is important that our visitors have access to and knowledge of the current collecting market for their area of interest, and are aware of current ethical practices and laws that may impact their collecting. In parallel to the exhibition, we create a space for dialogue among artists, collectors and curators.

ESTE ARTE aims to create a tradition of influence. Its ambition is to match the gallery with new potential art buyers and maintain connections with existing collectors.  We envisage contributing to the art field, by delivering public talks, debates, scholarly conferences and publishing articles. We envision a cultural landmark, where the South American art system meets, exchanges ideas and thrives.