IFCs Documentary Now features Cate Blanchett as Marina Abramović

IFC’s comedy series Documentary Now, created by SNL former stars Bill Hader and Fred Armisen, features Cate Blanchett who starts as Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović in a new episode of its third season airing March 6th, 2019.

Cate Blanchett’s character in IFC’s mockumentary goes by the name Isabella Barta, but due to so many references reflecting Abramović’s artistic pieces, physical aspect, and personal history the audience immediately can connect the very obvious dots.

The Plot

The plot surrounds Isabella’s comeback to her home country for a new and refreshing art piece exhibition that will, hopefully, shock the world and put her in the map again. However, her talent agent and her team have the suspicion that she has ran out of ideas and she’s struggling to create something new.

Although, Cate Blanchett is considered a serious actress for her two Academy Award wins for her portrayal as Katharine Hepburn in Martin Scorsese’s’ The Aviator (2004) and her leading performance as troubled divorcée in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine (2013), she nails the comedic timing and is the only and perfect person to portray the irreplaceable and memorable Marina Abramović. The two equal each other in greatness and talent. The most amazing fact about comedy in this particular series, is that all actors must take their role seriously in order to work in the comedic manner, and there is no one better than to take a role seriously than Blanchett.



Ulay will be there too

Fred Armisen portrays the character of Dimo, which is also an obvious reference to Abramović’s ex-lover and Slovenian artist Ulay. Regrettably, there exists a misogynist history of men stealing art ideas from their female partners in order to gain success as an admired artist. Both the real story and the mockumentary reflect this sexist trend in this field, as well as in many other workplaces around the globe. Regardless, the episode achieves a feminist and radical perspective at the end of the show (which we won’t spoil) that allows the power of Abramović to shine and reign as queen and ruler of performance art in the contemporary era.

Documentary Now has featured actors such as Helen Mirren, Michael Keaton, Owen Wilson, Faye Dunaway, and many more famous actors. Blanchett’s episode is called Waiting for the Artist which airs March 6th on IFC.