Surviving as a Millenial Artist in 2019

As of today, many artists across all disciplines struggle to make ends meet economically and ensure stability for their future. Now imagine being a starving artist who happens to be a millennial in the era of Kylie Jenner; it means facing debt, dealing with unreliable jobs, and postponing marriage and mortgages. Data released last year by mobile bank firm Varo Money shows that 53% of millennials admit to buying something they do not need out of social media references. Millenials feel that they need to live in luxury and extreme fashion because of the pressure that social media creates. This generation is officially the generation of fake luxury and fake happiness. But how can millenials survive while keep making their art?

Instagram is now the new portfolio for artists. Curators and potential buyers look at the feed before going to the artist’s official website. Millennial artists need to disassociate with Instagram trends. This means that artists need to use Instagram to their advantage, which is to economically use the app by showcasing the art.

Artists, throughout history, have proven to have multiple jobs at the same time. To hustle is to survive in the world of late-capitalism and fast consumption. Having a ‘daytime’ job can help reduce anxiety and depression over stability. However, it is utterly important to always maintain eye on the prize, which is to keep making art no matter at what cost.

Research and discipline are key aspects to achieve exhibitions at a low cost. There are many places that offer artists of all sorts to exhibit their art without any compromise. These spaces are usually coffee shops, vintage shops, and galleries that understand the struggle of young and new artists. By investigating what resources are out there, the artist can focus on bringing visibility to their work by going local.

Instagram logo on iPhone screen

Lastly, artists need to help other artists succeed. The artistic community thrives only if it is united and strong. By having a strong rapport with artistic resources, one can achieve a greater visibility through connections and potential curators and buyers. Popularity and social status do matter in the era of Instagram, regardless of one’s critical point of view on the matter. Moreover, face-to-face interactions with other artists and people interested in art is the number one strategy to succeed in the art world. Never to give up, even if Forbes Magazine just named Kylie Jenner as the wealthiest ‘self-made’ billionaire.