By Sybaris Collection

Poetic Hotel is a project that reinvents itself using art as a catalyst. This virtual site where installation, sculpture, photography, painting, literature, performance and Street art coexist uses time as a space of ephemeral creation where everything is possible. Located in Padova, Italy, the physical space is disabled for the public, who can follow what is happening inside only through digital media.

The relationship between the material and the immaterial that this project proposes not only responds to the technological demands of our times, but also revolves around questions about the unattainable, memory, archiving, registration of works of art and possibilities aesthetic in times of isolation. Its manifesto can be read at the following link:

Along with the Sybaris Collection, Poetic Hotel performed the second act of Confinement, a series of live performances that reflect around solitude, isolation in times of contingency. You can review the full video right away: