Clara Cebrián

By Sybaris Collection

(Madrid, 1991)

llustrator? Digital artist? Cartoonist? The interests of the Spanish artist merge resources and techniques from different disciplines to reflect on the fantastic: an everyday object is altered (unexpectedly) by an unusual event.

Clara Cebrian has collaborated with different artists to achieve unexpected collaborations. In a recent interview she commented: “Beyond my personal work, I am interested in many other topics, and I like to use my techniques and work tools to support communication and the realization of other projects that are not mine, such as making animations for the dissemination of scientific concepts or music videos.”

Entitled BA in Design for Interactive and Moving Image at the London College of Communication, Cebrian decided that her aesthetic career should follow two paths: 1) collaborative work and 2) the fusion of materialities to reflect on objects and events that may happen to anyone. The Spanish artist, however, also experiments with resources outside the digital world: in some of her works she has explored the material possibilities of textile design and ceramics. She has participated in more than 20 group and individual exhibitions.


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